March 06, 2020 • Car Insurance

Advantages between Agents and Brokers

Buying directly from insurance companies doesn’t necessarily lead to cheaper rates. One of the main advantages of using an insurance broker is that the broker has access to or is provided with information from all of the different insurance

Agents are appointed by the insurance company.

While it is true that agents deeply understand the company they represent and are readily available when policy changes or updates occur, they can’t navigate multiple products to find the best policy.

An agent ONLY works with one insurance company and typically represents the company, rather than the applicant.

Brokers are selected by buyers, after careful and informed scrutiny/consideration.

A broker understands a wide range of products of services and provides professional advice to their clients on what plan best fits their needs and budget.

They also work with MORE THAN ONE insurance company and typically represents the applicant, rather than the company.

Always remember that while the assessor works for the insurance company, the BROKER works for you and is always ready to help you shop around.

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