June 26, 2020 • Car Insurance

Driving and an earthquake strikes…

If you are in an open area, that is the best place to be!

Stop if you are in a safe place, and stay in your vehicle to protect yourself against falling objects. A safe place is away from steep slopes next to you which could come down in a landslide, and away from tall trees or buildings that could fall.

Wait until the shaking subsides – it’ll be over in less than a couple of minutes.

If you have cellphone internet access, check your local websites to find out the magnitude and epicentre. Anything above magnitude 5 is likely to have caused damage.

Check social media – usually, people will post within minutes of a serious earthquake and turn on the local radio stations.

Don’t call emergency services unless you are in serious danger or badly injured as they will be swamped with other calls.

If you are trapped and not in danger, report yourself safe to family members; if you are trapped and in danger then you need to contact emergency services as soon as possible. This includes if there are downed power lines on your car as there’s the risk of them electrocuting you if you get out.

Source: https://www.drivingtests.co.nz/resources/driving-earthquake/

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