July 17, 2020 • Car Insurance

How to take care of your car

Here are some quick tips on how you can take care of your car:

  1. Clean the inside and outside of your car every month
  2. Change your oil and use a reliable brand
  3. Check your tire pressure every month and rotate your tires
  4. Get your brake pads replaced every 25,000 miles or sooner if your brakes are wearing down
  5. Make sure your mirrors are always good to go
  6. Maintain your car’s interior to keep its resale value high
  7. Change out any bad headlight bulbs as soon as you can
  8. If you’re not going to drive your car for a while, make sure it’s properly stored
  9. Change your air filter every 30,000 miles or every year
  10. Keep your engine’s temperature balanced
  11. Check if there are any recalls on your car that you may not know about
  12. Consider getting some add-on gadgets to protect your car from damage and theft
  13. Keep the bottom of your car clean by getting some reliable floor mats
  14. Check your spark plugs!
  15. Don’t cheap out on car insurance. Ever.

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