February 21, 2020 • Car Insurance

Consider Insurance costs when buying a car

Most people know they need insurance for their new car, but in the excitement of buying a vehicle, they may not research it as carefully as they should. Skipping over this very important and necessary detail may cause financial problems almost as soon as you drive out of the dealership!

You need to shop for insurance before you ever step foot on the lot to negotiate buying a car. When you have your choice of car narrowed down to a few, it’s time to shop around for insurance which best suits you.

A great place to start is by working with your broker to help you identify the best coverage for you and your new car.

Some makes and models are much more costly to insure than others as insurance premiums vary widely between different models. While you may have a particular preference in mind, go to www.mibinsure.com and look at what the various models and years along with the various coverage will cost you.

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