May 22, 2019 • Car Insurance

Why Do I Need A Quick Quote?

Why Do I Need A Quick Quote?

Why do I need a quick quote?

Time is money! Think about it, it’s 2019 and the only people who aren’t ordering their groceries online are those who enjoy walking aimlessly through the aisles.

So why shouldn’t that be the case for motor insurance policies? Raise your hand if you actually like visiting your insurance broker, taking a number and waiting in line- I didn’t think so!

All the expertise of using an insurance broker, the convenience of selecting your ideal coverage and comparing them against other policies from the comfort of your couch is now wrapped in one premium platform.

The user friendly site can help you to, ‘Get A Quote’, ‘Compare Quotes’, ‘Manage Your Policy’ and even review a saved quote.

MIBinsure is the quickest way to generate a motor quote online- saving you time, and money!

Don’t wait to insure, get started by finding the coverage that best suits your needs! If wondering through aisles and aisles of insurance policies is just not your thing, then log on to and quote and compare on the go!

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